Quantitative Imaging Solutions for Orthopedic Clinical Trials

MMI is an experienced provider of imaging core lab services for clinical trials of treatments for osteoarthritis, trauma and deformity.  Since 2000, we have evaluated more than 90 unique implants and surgical procedures for the repair of damaged, diseased or degenerated tissue.  Over our 11-year history, we’ve partnered with over 70 orthopedic companies including 8 of the top 10 global market leaders to evaluate the performance of novel musculoskeletal treatments.  Our analyses and consulting services have facilitated numerous product approvals including several “firsts to market”.  Our experienced team of radiologists and imaging scientists uses the latest quantitative imaging techniques and assessment methods to ensure the most reliable assessment of treatment outcomes.

MMI is an experienced imaging core laboratory for orthopedic clinical trials. Since 2000, we have supported more than a hundred orthopedic device and biopharmaceutical companies internationally, including 13 of the top 15 global market leaders. We have evaluated scores of unique treatments for disorders for the hip, knee, ankle, wrist, shoulder, peripheral joints, and long bones involving OA, trauma, and sports medicine.

Experience and Expertise

We specialize in quantitative analysis using validated, computer-assisted methods. Our image analysis techniques include cartilage thickness mapping, MR relaxation mapping, joint space analysis, bone density analysis, and assessment of tissue morphometry. We are also exprienced with all of the major semi-quantitative scoring systems to assess disease severity and response, including MOCART, MOAKS, WORMS, OARSI, and K-L.

Our treatment expertise includes:
  • Joint Arthroplasty and Resurfacing
  • Joint Arthrodesis
  • Tissue Allografts
  • Chondrocyte Transplantation and Marrow Stimulation
  • Tissue Scaffolds and Biosynthetic Implants
  • Injectable Viscosupplements and Disease Modifying Agents
  • Ligament, Tendon, and Meniscal Repair / Replacement
  • Fracture Fixation and Bone Void Fillers

Faculty Directors

We offer unique clinical expertise, awareness of the latest advances in imaging, and knowledge of current regulatory trends in orthopedic device and drug trials. Our core group of orthopedic experts is led by Drs. Timothy Mosher and Mark Schweitzer.

Timothy Mosher, MD

  • Chair of Radiology, Penn State Hershey Medical Center 
  • Fellowship-trained in clinical MRI at Johns Hopkins University
  • 15 years' clinical experience in orthopedic imaging and research
  • Recognized expert in quantitative MRI of articular cartilage 
  • Over 50 articles, books and book chapters on MSK imaging
  • Deputy Editor, Magnetic Imaging in Medicine; Associate Editor, Radiology; Associated Editor, Osteoarthritis and Cartilage
  • Member of the OARSI-FDA working group on structural change in OA

Mark Schweitzer, MD

  • Chair of Radiology, Stony Brook University School of Medicine 
  • Fellowship-trained in Osteoradiology at UC San Diego
  • Editor-in-Chief, JMRI; Deputy Editor, Radiology
  • Former Presiding Officer of the Radiological Society of North America
  • Over 25 years' experience in research, clinical practice, and teaching
  • 350+ published articles, 67 book chapters, and three books
  • Reviewer for more than two dozen scholarly journals
  • Served on numerous expert advisory panels, including FDA and NIH
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